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Have a business, service, or products that you’d like to tell more people about?  Well you’ve got to advertise of course.

What good does it do if a good thing isn’t known to as many people as possible?!

At Bridge Magazine, we have the following advertising options (don’t worry if you can’t decide, please click here to contact our friendly marketing experts to help you out):

Listed from the highest rates to the lowest:

  • Gloss page, Full Colour Advertisements. (We’re the ONE and ONLY Chinese publication with GLOSS PAGES!)
  • Full Colour Advertisements on Newsprint pages
  • Black/White Advertisements on Newsprint pages
  • Classified Advertisements on Newsprint pages
  • Classified Line-Listings on Newsprint pages
  • Web AD Banners on

Talk to us, and we’ll work out the best, most affordable, most economical package for you, guaranteed!

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